“After testing and using HOPlite Skate Guards for a couple of weeks, my team and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and design of your product. Having seen the majority of all skate protectors currently available in hockey, it was difficult for us to imagine how much of a functional improvement could be made. I’m extremely excited to say that you’ve not only managed to create a better fitting protector but most importantly a more protective one.”
Chris Kibui, Founder,  Hockeytutorial.com

Full Product Review

From hockeytutorial.com

We’re fortunate enough to have a home made puck canon in our office which is able to fire pucks at 100MPH. We used this to test the performance of your skate protectors to see if they did indeed provide better and more complete protection when compared to the competition. We found that your protectors were able to displace a much more significant amount of energy away form the skate and foot when compared to Skate Fenders and CF9. Aside from your protectors offering complete coverage of the skate, they are able to displace the energy much more effectively away from the skate and foot keeping the player safer.