Our "Why"

Fiber Sports Inc. (FSI) is a creative technology-solutions company located in Boise, ID that is reducing and eliminating potential foot injuries in industrial and sports applications. Whether professional, amateur, or enthusiasts, our goal is to keep our customers from missing time from work, or the sports and hobbies they love. We achieve this by using innovative technologies such as carbon fiber to advance personal injury protection in areas that have not been adequately addressed. Industrial Foot Armor and HOPlite Skate Armor are the two initial products that will be marketed by FSI.

We have recognized the challenges of protecting workers and athletes from foot and ankle injury in a time where pressure to increase production is ever-increasing, and pucks are being shot at rates never seen before.

The Cost of Industrial Foot Injuries

Workers' compensation data from one small office reports 270 foot injuries from Jan 1–Apr 20 alone. These injuries accounted for $1.3M in losses, or $4,500 per injury.


The Industrial Market

Estimated $4 Billion Market

The Cost of Blocking Shots

Shots blocked in the NHL doubled since 1998. In 2014 the average NHL team lost 252 man-games, and more than $7 million in salary per season due to injuries. A broken foot can cost the amateur hundreds or thousands in medical costs, and lost ice time. The cost is staggering—the answer is HOPlite Skate Armor.


Investment Success

Proven in the lab, the factory, and on the ice

Production Proven

Fi-Ber Sports has secured a high-volume automated manufacturing partnership in the USA.

Third Party Impact Testing

Fi-Ber Sports received a grant from Idaho State University to test HOPlite's impact performance.

The initial results with HOPlite showed an impact reduction of 65–70% with shots at 100mph.

Real-World Experience

We have experienced positive trials across multiple commercial industries, as well as hockey professionals and recreational players alike.

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