Industrial foot injuries are skyrocketing.

Every US employee misses 11 Employee Days, on average, for foot injuries each year— at a cost of $50B.

Industrial Foot Armor's innovative, lightweight, and sleek design makes it the world’s only high performance foot protection on the market for the industrial workforce who want to prevent serious foot injuries without compromising comfort and mobility.

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The Cost of Industrial Foot Injuries

Workers' compensation data from one small office reports 270 foot injuries from Jan 1–Apr 20 alone. These injuries accounted for $1.3M in injury losses, or $4,500 per injury.


Protect your Dogs!

Your feet need protection. Protection from objects and equipment traveling at incredible speeds. Industrial Foot Armor is the highest performing outer foot protection—made of ultra-light (6–8 oz.), ultra-strong polycarbonate, designed to prevent serious and painful foot injuries. Injuries that can limit work, end careers, and make your dogs bark with pain. Work smarter. Insist on Industrial Skate Armor, and protect your feet without compromising performance.


Gladiator Approved

  • Superior Full-Foot Protection

    360 degree security—other designs provide partial coverage.

  • Advanced Ballistics-Grade Polymer

    Made from impact resistant injection molding (used for vehicle headlights and motorcycle windshields)

  • Uninhibited Suspension

    Fits a variety of sizes and provides a variable cushion between skate and forefoot.

  • Easy On. Easy Off.

    Quick system uses a single velcro strap, keeping it securely in place.

  • Unique Attachment

    Three point contact suspends Foot Armor over the boot or shoe, isolating impact and making it unnoticed on your foot. Unlike other products, Foot Armor won't obstruct walking if a strap were to fail, it falls away easily allowing work to continue.

  • Numerous Color Choices

    Production process allows for color, design, and brand personalization. Foot Armor shown in matte black.

Foot Soldiers

You're brave. You're honorable. You're tough. As members of our strong workforce you know your role, but you have to be able to stand in order to do your job. Industrial Foot Armor protects your two most important assets—your feet. You'll work through pain, but if you can't stand, you can't work. And if you can't work, you can't pay the bills. Period. So listen up fierce fabricators, warehouse warriors, and factory fighters. Stand strong. Work hard. Do your job. Do it with confidence and do it well. Demand Industrial Foot Armor.
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